Vanessa Anoia

Office Coordinator

Vanessa is a Dietetics student obtaining her Bachelor’s of Science degree at the School of Human Nutrition at McGill University. Being raised in an Italian family where food is the center of every event, Vanessa has always had an interest in cooking. This helped her make her decision of wanting to work as a dietitian in order to understand the way food impacts health.

Throughout her time as a student and following her internship at Sööma, Vanessa was convinced that she wanted to work in the field of Eating Disorders. She has become more aware of the misconceptions around food that people are taught and is motivated to bring them to light while being supportive to those who are struggling. While she awaits her certification as a Registered Dietitian, Vanessa is happy to work with the population Sööma serves through managing phone calls, outreach and the clinic’s social media platforms. Her goals as a future dietitian are to help others break down diet culture beliefs, promote Health-at-Every-Size® and to encourage an Intuitive Eating approach toward food.

Vanessa is happy to answer any questions or concerns clients may have about Sööma’s services. She is bilingual in English and French.