Sööma definition: To Eat

‘External rules, such as belief systems about good foods, bad foods, or appropriate amounts or times to eat, drown out our innate ability to respond to setpoint cues.’- Linda Bacon

An individual’s relationship with food is complex and multi faceted. Eating can be seen as something innate and natural, yet it can become complex and frightening. From a young age, a neutral relationship with food is influenced by many factors:

Food choices and self-worth are often seen as correlating . Sööma honors how complex eating can be. There is no right or wrong way to eat. There is a way that is best for each unique individual. The only way to determine this is through curiosity and flexibility. As health professionals, our role is to guide people in exploring what impacts their perception of food and  their bodies and re-discover a way to be neutral and non judgmental when it comes to food, while prioritizing health and well-being.

What influences our eating?

Cultural and religious celebrations

Health professionals

Emotional coping styles

Weight and body image

Interpersonal relationships

Perception of self


What professionals think

Our Values


Sööma believes without a doubt that people can achieve health and wellness without strict guidelines, rules or diets. We believe in staying up to date with scientific evidence, but also practicing what we preach in our day to day lives.

It is extremely important to us that our scientific recommendations align with the messaging of our brand, which is that we are a weight-inclusive, anti-diet practice. Whether you are coming to us to increase your performance or because your doctor told you to lose weight for your health, our recommendations will always be tailored through a health at every size lens.


Sööma believes in creating a safe and respectful environment for both the professionals and the clients. We are committed to serving all individuals and offering respect in our interactions. We do not discriminate based on race, gender, social class or body shape.


Sööma values compassionate care; meaning that professionals will greet you with warmth, understanding and empathy. We are committed to understanding your story and providing recommendations tailored to your story. While we may challenge you to consider a different perspective at times, this will always be done in a collaborative manner. It is important to us to meet our clients where they are at, but not enable our clients to stay where they are.


Sööma believes in providing scientific evidence through nutrition education and psychoeducation in order to empower people to change. We believe in being transparent about our recommendations and are willing to say when we don’t know the answer or the most up to date information on a certain topic. Our goal is to provide honesty and effective communication during your time with us.