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5 Signs your Child May Have an Eating Disorder

Food can be a pleasure for some while it can be a painful experience for others. The latter most likely translates into eating problems that are known as eating disorders. Eating disorders are not caused by one factor, per se. Eating disorders are typically a mix of many risk factors, including: ‘’genetic vulnerability/family history, body…

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Gratitude as we end 2020

2020…a year that we will likely remember for a very long time to come. I’m certain no one anticipated the challenges, the grief, the lessons and the experiences that 2020 offered us.   While I recognize that my 2020 was filled with similar themes to others, 2020 also represents the year that a vision, a…

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Emotional eating is normal; lean in!

In the midst of uncertainty, emotions are prominent and avoiding them feels challenging. Some choose to respond by “shoulding“ and suggesting that we take this “down time“ to become healthy, fit, lose weight and live our best lives. I’m not part of this camp. You can’t run away from emotions because you’re a human and…

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My Story: self-discovery

Through my teens and twenties I had very limited conceptions of what health was, and I thought being slim and fit was the feminine ideal that all women should strive for in their lives.     Mainstream media and social beauty standards just reinforced my internalized beliefs, which over the years did serious damage to…

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