Whether coming to our office is inconvenient, or you are simply not located in the Montreal area, the Sööma team still looks forward to serving you and your family.

We currently have two physical office locations in the Montreal area, while also providing virtual care to clients in throughout the province of Quebec, various other provinces in Canada as listed below, as well as the United States.

Sööma offers multiple services virtually including:

Sööma is specialized in the treatment of eating disorders including:

The professionals at Sööma can offer you individual and group treatment options if you’re located in one of the following provinces:

New Brunswick
Nova Scotia

Sööma is deeply committed to providing quality care. Our team members work hard everyday to accompany our clients on their journeys, while continuing to pursue training and professional development in our areas of expertise.

All of our team members can consult with you virtually. To learn more about each of their approaches, click on their picture below!

Valerie Bouzo, RD.

Registered Dietitian

Stefanie Rosser, RD.

Registered Dietitian

Fannie Dancose, RD.

Registered Dietitian

Jessica Pugliese, PhD

Clinical Psychologist

Jamie Lee, RD.

Registered Dietitian

Annyck Besso, RD.

Registered Dietitian

Vanessa Anoia, RD.

Registered Dietitian

Elsa Chu, RD.

Office Coordinator

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