ARFID is defined by a disturbance of feeding behavior which may be manifested by a lack of interest in food or rejection of food due to sensory properties

ARFID can often be mischaracterized as picky eating, but can be distinguished by resulting physical symptoms such as an inability to maintain a biologically appropriate weight or nutrient deficiencies that impact health.

Some individuals with ARFID have an aversion to novel foods, finding their taste, texture or smell extremely intense. Others may present as having an extreme fear of throwing up, choking or having an allergic reaction after a traumatic experience .

How a limited diet keeps ARFID going:

  • Eating the same foods all the time makes new foods taste even more different
  • Certain micronutrient deficiencies can impact the taste of food and can contribute to food being less appealing
  • Eating a limited variety of food can make you feel tired of the taste, further limiting variety in the diet
  • Eating an unvaried diet can lead to health problems
  • It may be difficult to enjoy social events around food which can lead to isolation

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